Channing Monument at Mt. Auburn

• The monument to the Rev. William Ellery Channing in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachussetts needs care. It is stained from pollutants and biological growth. Lichen and green algae obscure the inscription and detract from the once polished white marble. The surfaces are covered with a thin network of cracks. Conservation treatment will stabilize the stone, preserve the sculptural elements and inscription, and ensure the long-term survival of this important Unitarian memorial.

JUNE 1, 2017 UPDATE: A check for $8,450 was presented to the Friends of Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Work on the conservation of the monument has begun. It is expected that we will celebrate its completion in October, 2017, the anniversary month in which Channing died in 1842.

PICTURE: The Committee in front of the Channing monument. From left to right: the Revs. Helen Cohen, Rosemarie Smurzynski (a docent at the Cemetery), Stephanie May (who designed our brochure and led the Faithify campaign), and Mark Harris, (representing the Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society, the fiscal agent and sponsor of the project).

It was estimated that $15,000 would be needed to conserve the Channing monument. The Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery (a 501c3 organization) is seeking to fund half the project costs in donations. Several Unitarian Universalist ministers, the Reverends Mark Harris, Stephanie May, and Rosemarie Smurzynski lead the effort. For more information contact: Rev. Rosemarie Smurzynski at this address:

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Click to download an Adobe Acrobat copy of the Channing Monument Restoration Fund brochure for the full details along with details on how to send donations. The UUHHS assisted with this project.


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