UUHHS Congregatinal History Project Library Resources

Here we offer links to two types of library resources. One is the UUHHS Congregational Library which YOU can not only consult but also help create. Follow the links to learn how to access a list of existing histories, and also how to add your own new histories to the list. The second type of Library Resource is links to several of the major institutional libraries with holdings of Unitarian Universalist congregational and local histories. Links to Institutional Libraries.

The UUHHS Library

The UUHHS Library is an online list of existing histories of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist congregations that are less widely distributed and thus less likely to be included in institutional library catalogues. This UUHHS Library has been created through an online database that you can contribute to. We invite you to add your own existing histories to this list: just follow the easy directions for logging in. In particular, we welcome citations of existing UU congregational histories in formats other than printed materials: that is, audio and video files, histories presented through exhibits, and more. This list of histories can be accessed through this link:

View Current Histories List

Links to Institutional Libraries

The second type of Library Resource included here is links to institutional libraries with holdings of the more common published histories of Unitarian Universalist congregations. Because these online library catalogues are easily accessible, and in most cases their holdings are retrievable through Interlibrary Loan, most of these more common histories in institutional libraries are not repeated in the UUHHS Library, above. That is by way of saying, if you have not found an existing history of a particular congregation in the UUHHS Library, don’t forget to search the various institutional libraries listed here.


B 2 a: Harvard University: Andover-Harvard Theological Library (national repository for Unitarian Universalist holdings) http://hollis.harvard.edu/

B 2 b: Meadville Lombard Theological School: http://www.meadville.edu/wiggin-library.php

B 2 c: Starr King School for the Mnistry: http://www.sksm.edu/research/wilbur_rare_book.php and http://www.sksm.edu/research/research.php

B 2 d: Andover Newton Theological School: http://www.ants.edu/library/

B 2 e: Emory University: Candler School of Theology: Pitts Theological Library

B 2 f: Louisville, KY: Filson Club Historical Society http://filson.ipac.dynixasp.com/#focus

B 2 g: Senator John Heinz Regional History Center, Pittsburgh (Contains the Paper of the UU Churches of Western Pennsylvania, the papers of the Rev. Charles Elliott St. John, who was minister in Pittsburgh until 1900 and then became Secretary of AUA under Sam Eliot, 1900-1908.  There is a separate collection of papers of the Women’s Alliance.  Catalogued by Kathy Parker. ) http://www.heinzhistorycenter.org/secondary.aspx?id=78.

B 2 h: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Wilson Library  http://www.lib.unc.edu/wilson/research/search.html

B 2 i: University of North Carolina at Charlotte: J. Murray Atkins Library http://library.uncc.edu/

B 2 j: Wesley Theological Seminary http://wesleyseminary.libguides.com/