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Name Dates Unit, Univ., UU Geographic Information Contributions Connections Library UUWHS Publ. Calendar Web- Bio RE
Abbott, Eliza Mary Hickok 1865?-1932 Unit MA, MI, IL, VT minister Publ.
Abbott, Mary Wenonah Stevens 1865-1950 Univ NH, PA, ME, Syria, Cuba minister Publ.
Adams, Abigail Smith 1744-1818 Unit MA President’s wife h. John; son John Quincy –Presidents Lib. Publ. 1997 Dictionary Famous RE
Adams, Elizabeth Clark Unit d. Hannah Adams Publ.
Adams, Hannah 1755-1831 Unit writer Lib. Publ. 1997 Dictionary Famous RE
Adams, Helen Follett 1869-1969 Univ IO, IL minister Publ.
Adams, Louisa Lib.
Adams, Marian Hooper 1843-1885 Unit. D.C. photographer d. of E.S. Hooper Publ.
Adams, Mary Hall Barrett 1816-1860 Univ. Malden MA; Worcester MA writer h.John Greenleaf Adams Publ.
Adams, Nabby Unit d.of John and Abigail Adams Publ.
Adams, Sarah Flower 1805-1848 Unit England writer Lib. Publ.
Addams, Jane 1860-1935 Unit Con Chicago reformer, writer, Hull House Lib. Publ. Famous
Adler, Margot UU Journalist, writer Lib.
Agassiz, Elizabeth Cabot Cary 1822-1907 Unit Boston King’s Chapel writer, Radcliffe College h. Louis-Naturalist Lib. Publ. 1998
Aiken, Lucy 1781-1864 Unit writer/poet d. of Rev. John Aikens Publ.
Aikin, Mary Publ.
Aitken, Martha Chapman 1843-1918 Unit New England, IO minister Publ.
Alcott, Louisa May 1832-1888 Unit PA; MA writer, also aka A.M. Bearnard d. of Bronson Alcott; Emerson, Thoreau, Parker, Dix Lib. Publ. 1999 Dictionary Famous RE
Aldrich, Elizabeth A. Unit Cincinatti editor, writer Publ.
Allen, Rosamond 2004
Allen, Sara Univ Halifax Lib. Publ.
Allingham, Helen Unit Rosslyn Hill, England artist Publ.
Alvord, Nellie Marie Bond 1872-1943 Univ NY, NC, MA Publ.
Amano, Tsuneko writer Lib. Publ.
Ames, Blanche 1878-1969 Univ MA illustrator, suffrage Collections: Smith, Radcliff Publ. Famous
Ames, Fanny (Julia Frances) Baker 1840-1931 Unit Cincinati, Phila., Boston suffrage, reformer h. Rev. Charles Ames Publ.
Ames, Mary 1831-1884 Unit Con NY, MA; DC writer f. Alice Cary Publ.
Andrews, Jane 1833-1887 Unit author, teacher Lib. Publ.
Andrews, Mary Garard 1849?-1936 Univ IL, IO, NB, MN minister Publ.
Angell, Caroline 1841-1917 Univ RI, ME minister Publ.
Anthony, Mary Unit s. Susan B. Anthony Publ.
Anthony, Susan Brownwell 1820-1906 Unit NY author, reformer f. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Ida Husted Harper Lib. Publ. 1996, 2002 Famous RE
Arnold, Nancy lv. UU historian Publ.
Austin, Fannie Elmina 1865-1955 Univ New England minister Publ.
Austin, Kate Cooper 1864-1902 Univ VT; NY; IL; IO, MO writer Publ.
Avery, Martha 1851-1929 Unit ME; Boston writer col. Xavier College, Sydney, Nova Scotia Publ.
Ayer, Gertrude Elise Unit Community Church, NY educator Publ.
Bacon, E.A. Univ Cambridge, MA; RI minister h. Rev. Henry Bacon Lib. Publ.
Bagley, Blanche Pentecost 1854-? Unit SD, MA, France, Canada minister Publ.
Bailey, Anna Peabody 1860-1942 Univ ME, NH minister Publ.
Bailey, Emma Eliza 1844-1920 Univ VT; PA missionary, writer Publ.
Bailey, Florence Christiansen 1925-1995 UU NJ; MI; OH; AR Director/minister RE Publ. 2001 RE
Baker, Betty UU 2004 RE
Baker, Harriet 1820? Univ ME writer, RE Publ. RE
Baker, Lisa lv. UU historian Elizabeth Moore Manwell Publ.
Baker, Sara Josephine 1873-1945 Unit NY physician, child health Publ.
Balch, Emily Greene 1867-1961 Unit Boston educator, writer, peace worker Lib. Publ. 1999 Famous RE
Ball, Catharine Calcord Haskell 1860-1938 Univ ME, MA minister Publ. 1997
Ballou, Lucy 1810-1891 Univ MA; RI author, minister h. Rev. Adin Ballou Publ.
Banks, Olive Publ.
Barbauld, Anna Laetitia Aiken 1743-1825 Unit England writer. Social activist h. Rev.Rochemont Barbauld Lib. Publ. 2000
Barber-Braun, Sarah lv. UU writer/Standing; minister, historian focus on Phebe Hanaford Publ.
Barnard, Margaret Bowers 1860-1950 Unit MA minister f. A.G. Spencer Publ.
Barnes, Sarah Merrill 1824-1901 Univ MA; RI; Il; KS nurse, minister, temperance h. Rev. Alfred Barnes Publ. RE
Barns, Lucy 1780-1809 Univ writer d. of Rev. Thomas Barns Publ.
Baros-Johnson, Irene lv. UU historian Publ.
Barr, Margaret 1897-1973 Unit English, India minister, educator, midwife f. Ghandi Publ. 2003
Barrett, Hannah W. Montreal Publ.
Barrows, Katherine Isabel Hayes Chapin 1845-1913 Unit VT; NH; MA; D.C. physician, writer, prison reform Publ.
Barry, Kitty f. Elizabeth Blackwell Publ.
Barth, Ramona Sawyer 1911-? Unit writer, historian Publ.
Bartlett, Ella Elizabeth 1860’s-1931 Univ CT, NY, etc minister Lib. Publ.
Barton, Clara (Clarissa) Harlow 1821-1912 Univ MA nurse, reformer, Red Cross col. Library of Congress, Smith College Lib. Publ. 1999 Famous RE
Barton, Sarah Stone Univ MA m.of Clara Barton Publ.
Bass, Florence Lib.
Bates, Anna 1834-1870 Univ writer Publ.
Bayley, Verna Hills Lib. RE
Beane, Mrs. Samuel Unit writer for the Post Office Mission Lib. Publ.
Beatley, Clara Bancroft Unit poet Publ.
Beecher, Catherine educator, focus on girls/women Publ.
Benedictsson, Margaret 1866-1956 Unit Iceland; ND; Winnepag suggrage, writer Publ.
Bennett, Ella May Hawkins 1860’s-? Univ NY minister Publ.
Billings, Mary Ward Granniss Webster 1824-1904 Univ CT, TX minister s.d.of Rev.Mary Billings Publ.
Billings, Rachael Watkins Dellgren 1861-1945 Univ TX, MA minister Publ.
Bingham, Henrietta Adelaide Burrington 1841-1877 Univ VT poet, editor Publ.
Bisbee, Eleanor 1893-1951 Univ MA, OH, FL, MN minister Publ.
Blackwell, Alice Stone Unit suffreage, writer d.of Lucy Stone Lib. Publ.
Blackwell, Antoinette Brown 1825-1921 Unit NJ writer, minister Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell Lib. Publ. 2002 Famous RE
Blackwell, Elizabeth 1821-1910 Unit England, Boston physician, writer col. Library of Congress, Radcliff; s. Emily Blackwell; f. Mary Carpenter Lib. Publ. 2001 Famous RE
Blackwell, Emily 1826-1910 Unit England, ME physician s. Elizabeth Publ.
Blanchard, Harriet M. Skinner 1818-? Univ D.C. social action Publ.
Blanchard, Paula lv. UU historian focus on Fuller, S.O.Jewett, Emily Carr
Blatch, Harriot Eaton Stanton 1856-1940 Unit England, KS suffragist, reformer, author d. of E.Cady Stanton Publ. Dictionary Famous
Blood, Fanny Unit con England f. Mary Wollstencraft Publ.
Bloomer, Amelia Unit con Lucy Stone, S.B.Anthony, etc. Publ.
Bodichon, Barbara Leigh Smith 1827-1891 Unit England educator, writer, feminist f. Bessie Parkes Lib. Publ.
Bodin, Jan Lib.
Bolt, Christine alive writer Publ.
Bonser, Edna Madison MacDonald 1875-1949 Univ IL; NYC minister, religious educator f. Sophia Lyons Fahs Publ.
Boroush, Dorothy lv. UU MI, CT, MA minister, District Exec., historian Publ.
Bortle, Martha A. 1845-1910 Univ OH,NY minister Publ.
Botta, Anne Charlotte Lynch 1815-1891 Unit VT, NY, RI, PA, D.C. author, teacher f. Julia Ward Howe, R.W.Emerson, Margaret Fuller Publ.
Bowen, Georgene 1898-1984 Univ NH, VT Missionary, educator, Hull House f. Jane Addams Lib. Publ.
Bowering, Janet lv. UU MA minister, historian Publ.
Bowler, Tacy Mathew 1871-1937 Univ OH, RI, CA, LA minister Publ.
Bowles, Ada Choate Burpee 1836-1928 Univ MA, NJ, PA, CA, RI, NC women’s rights, minister Publ.
Bowman, Anne Stewart 1899-1995 UU Clara Barton Camp, various UU organizations 2002
Bowman, Meg lv. UU historian Publ.
Boyton, Harriet Belle Barton ?-1938 Unit MA minister Publ.
Bradley, Amy Morris 1823-1904 Unit NC educator, nurse, editor Lib. Publ.
Bradley, E. Alice 1846-1915 Univ NY minister Publ.
Bradley, Lydia 1816-1908 U/U IL philanthropist Lib. Publ.
Brandeis, Alice Unit NY Publ.
Brant, Frances E. 1850-? Univ OH, KS minister Publ.
Bremer, Fredrika 1801-1856 Unit Sweden, New England writer, activist Publ.
Brotherton, Alice 1848-1930 poet, children’s stories Publ.
Broughton, Sarah Sumner 1802-1853 Univ NY, MI teacher, writer Publ.
Brown, Julia A. sister-in-law to S.S. Broughton, d. Caroline Brown Crane Publ.
Brown, Lucinda W. (Lucy Barnes) 1822-1911? Univ OH teacher, writer h. Rev. John S. Brown Lib. Publ.
Brown, Marjorie Moore 1884-1987 UU NV, CA author Publ.
Brown, Mary Publ.
Brown, Olympia 1835-1926 Univ NY suffragist, minister Lib. Publ. 1997 Dictionary Famous
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Lib.
Bruce, Elizabeth M. Hurd 1830-1911 Univ NY, New England minister Publ.
Bruner, Edna Pearl 1906-1997 Univ NY, Ferry Beach, Boston minister, religious educator Publ. 1999 RE
Buchtel, Elizabeth Davidson 1821-? Univ OH Buchtel College Publ.
Buck, Florence 1860-1925 Unit minister, religious educator, editor, hymnologist p. Marion Murdoch Lib. Publ. 2004 Dictionary Famous RE
Buck, Levisa Barns Univ author s. Lucy Barnes Publ.
Budlong, Julia Nelson 1895-1943 Unit WI, MI, CA, OR minister d.of Minna Budlong Publ.
Budlong, Minna Franklin Clarke 1862-1948 Unit IO, WI minister d.Julia Budlong Publ.
Bumstine, Lyn lv. UU historian Anita Trueman Pickett Publ.
Burgess, Constance 1906-1995 UU MA Women’s groups Publ.
Burleigh, Celia C.Burr 1826-1875 Unit NY, CT minister Publ. 1996 Dictionary Famous
Butler, Eleanor Unit England Ladies of Llangollen Publ.
Byron, Lady Noel Unit philanthropist Cobbe, Mary Carpenter Publ.
Cabot, Elizabeth Rogers Mason 1834-1920 Unit Boston RE teacher Lib. Publ.
Cabot, Ella Lyman 1880-1930 Unit RE author Lib. Publ. RE
Cabot, Sarah Unit d. Eliza Lee Cabot Follen Publ.
Cade, Elise Brown 1916-2000 UU artist, illustrator, Meadville/Lombard, IARF 2002
Cannon, Ida Maud 1877-1960 Unit Full medical social work, writer Publ. Famous
Capek, Maja Veronica Oktavee 1888-1966 Unit Czech minister h. Dr. Capek Publ. 1997
Capron, Margaret Ann (Peg) 1921-1999 UU activist: birth control, mental health, gay issues, etc.
Carney, Julia A. Fletcher 1823-1908 Univ MA poet h. Rev. T.J. Carney Publ.
Caron, Sandra Mitchell 1935-1999 UU TX, NY, UUA moderator of UUA, judge Publ. 2001
Carpenter, Anna Penn educator d. Mary Carpenter Publ.
Carpenter, Mary 1807-1877 England, Canada, India abolitionist, teacher, writer Publ.
Carr, Sarah Pratt 1850-1935 Unit ME, CA minister, writer, children’s author, reformer Publ. 1999
Cary, Alice 1820-1871 Univ writer, reformer, poet s. Phoebe Lib. Publ. Dictionary Famous
Cary, Maude Siminton Lyon Muller-Norden 1878-1937 Univ NY, Tokyo minister Publ.
Cary, Phoebe 1824-1871 Univ writer, reformer, poet s. Alice Lib. Publ. Dictionary
Catherwood, Mary Hartwell 1847-1902 Univ OH, IN teacher, poet Publ.
Catt, Carrie Clinton Lane Chapman 1859-1947 Unit con peace activist Lib. Publ.
Channing, Elizabeth Parsons 1818-? Unit author, Director AUA n.Rev. William Ellery Channing; d.of George Gibbs Channing Publ.
Channing, Grace Ellery Unit gd.of William Ellery Channing; f. Charlotte Gilman Perkins Publ.
Channing, Ruth Gibbs Unit h. Rev.William Ellery Channing Publ.
Chant, Laura Ormiston Unit England preacher, women’s rights Publ.
Chapin, Augusta Jane 1836-1905 Univ Mid-west minister, teacher, writer Publ. Dictionary Famous
Chapman, Maria Weston 1806-1885 Unit abolitionist, writer f. Rev. William Ellery Channing Lib. Publ. 1998 Dictionary Famous
Chen, Mary Ellen Lib.
Cheney, Almira L. 1875-1946 Univ IL, KS, IN minister s.Frances Publ.
Cheney, Ednah Dow Littlehale 1824-1904 Unit school for women, editor Margaret Fuller Publ.
Cheney, Frances E. 1873-1901 Univ IL minister s. Almira Publ.
Cheney, Harriet Vaughan Foster Unit Montreal Canada author Lib. Publ.
Cheney, Margaret Swan d.of Edna Cheney Publ.
Chickering, Elma Lib.
Child, Lydia Maria Francis 1802-1880 Unit writer Lib. Publ. 1996 Dictionary Famous
Church, Mary Ann Univ Canada organized congregation in Merrickville, Upper Canada Publ.
Claflin, Narcissa Adelade Avery 1846-1931 Unit MA, PA minister Publ.
Clark, Laurel 2004
Clarke, Rebecca P.H. 1790-1886 Unit mother of James Freeman Clarke Publ.
Clarke, Rebecca Sophia 1833-1906 Unit children’s writer Publ.
Clarke, Sarah Freeman 1808-? Unit Boston poet, teacher s. of James Freeman Clarke Publ.
Cleveland, Dorcas Hiller 1773-? Unit educator, author Publ.
Clifford, Deborah Unit con historian biographer of Lydia Maria Child Publ.
Clifford, Deborah Clifford lv. UU historian Lydia Maria Child Publ.
Clinton, Catherine Unit con historian biographer of Maria Weston Chapman Publ.
Cobb, Eunice Hale Waite 1803-1880 Univ ME author, reformer, speaker Publ.
Cobbe, Frances Power 1822-1904 Unit England suffragist Lib. Publ. Dictionary
Cochrane, Cora Sexton 1861-1945 Unit NH, ME, IO, MA minister Publ.
Cogan, Martha Sharp 1905-1999 UU Unitarian Service Com. h. Rev. Waitstill Sharp Publ. Famous
Cohen, Helen Lib.
Cole, Cordelia Thorpe 1833-1900 Unit NY, IL Iowa Conference Publ.
Cole, Rebecca Unit con NY physician Elizabeth Blackwell Publ.
Colegrove, Minne Frances Ogsbury 1867-1951 Univ IO, OH, MN teacher, minister h. Rev. Osgood Colegrove Publ. RE
Collie, Eleanor Univ minister, army chaplain Publ.
Comins, Sarah 1893-1961 Unit NH YPRU, various U/U boards Publ.
Commander, Lydia Kingsmill Unit WI minister Publ.
Conner, Mary Elizabeth Andrews 1871-1956 Univ OH, MO, VT minister Publ.
Constable, Wilna Livingston 1888-1966 Unit Scotland, England, New Zealand minister Publ.
Cook, Agnes Cecilia Larson 1895-? Unit MN, IO, New England minister h. Rev. Alden Stoddard Cook Publ.
Cook, Maria 1779-1835 Univ first Universalist preacher Publ. Famous
Cooke, Mary Lydia Leggett 1856-1938 Unit NY, IL, MA, NH, NB minister Publ.
Cooney, Sarah Caroline Allen 1861-1897 Unit MA, RI teacher, started Natuck church Publ.
Cooper, Sarah B. Unit con suffragist f. Charlotte Perkins Gilman Publ.
Copestick, Paula lv. UU historian Publ.
Coutts, Burdette Unit con suffragist Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon Publ.
Crane, Caroline Julia Bartlett 1858-1935 Unit MI minister, adult religious education, reformer Publ. RE
Creamer, Lucy 1842-? Univ CT nurse, SS teacher Publ. RE
Crocker, Florence Ellen Kollock 1848-1925 Univ WI minister Rev. Augusta Chapin Publ.
Crocker, Lucretia 1829-1886 Unit MA teacher, author, Board of AUA Publ. RE
Croly, Jane Cunningham 1829-1901 Unit journalist, syndicated column Publ.
Cronkite, Bernice Brown 1893-1983 UU Educator, Radcliff; Taught Sunday School, First Parish, Cambridge Famous RE
Crook, Margaret Brackenbury 1886-1972 Unit England minister, peace writer Lib.
Crooker, Florence Ellen Kollack 1848-1925 Univ NY, MN, VT, IO, IL, CA, MA, MT teacher, minister h. Rev. Joseph Crooker Publ. 1996
Crosley, Charlotta Davis 1848-1917 Univ OH minister Publ.
Crossman, Annette Gould Waltz 1849-<1924 Univ ME, NY minister Publ.
Crum, Sophronia L. Burch Watson 1839-1915 Univ MI, IO minister Publ.
Cullin, Ida Mae Unit NY Community Church h. Counte Cullin, Poet Publ.
Cummins, Maria 1827-1866 Unit MA writer, Lamplighter Lib. Publ.
Currier, Maria 19th c. Univ MA writer Publ.
Curry, Ida 1869-1964 UU child welfare Publ.
Curtis, Elizabeth lv. UU historian, minister Publ. Famous
Cushing, Elizabeth L. Unit Montreal Canada writer Publ.
Cushman, Charlotte Sanders 1816-1876 Unit actress Lib. Publ.
Cushman-Hybels, Marjorie lv. UU MA minister, historian, educator Publ.
Cutler, Eliza Unit con aunt of Julia Ward Howe Publ.
Cutler, Mrs. Roger Unit author Lib. Publ.
Dall, Caroline Wells Healey 1822-1912 Unit author, editor, Sunday School teacher con.Margaret Fuller Publ. 2001 RE
Danforth, Abbie Ellsworth 1841-1923 Univ NY, OH, WA minister Publ.
Daniels, Mabel 1877-1971 UU MA composer Publ.
Davies, Emily Publ.
Davis, Deborah 1736-1785 Univ MA Founder of Oxford, MA, church Publ. Dictionary
Davis, Minnie S. 1835-? MD, MA teacher, writer d. of Rev.S.A. Davis Publ.
Davis, Paulina Wright Unit con feminist, journalist Caroline Healey Dall Publ.
Deese, Helen R. lv. UU historian Caroline Healey Dall Publ.
DeLong, Mary Jane Arnold Swart 1831-1916 Univ WI, KS, NB minister Publ.
Dendy, Mary 1858-1933 Unit England, Australia, New Zealand, US, Europe Founder of schools for the mentally retarded Publ.
Denman, Rose Mary Lib.
Deyo, Amanda Halstead 1838-1911? Univ NY, Phila., CA minister, church in SanDiego, reformer h. Rev. Charles Deyo Publ.
Diaz, Abby Morton 1821-1904 Unit teacher, author, suffragist Publ.
Dickinson, Emily Lib.
Dix, Dorothea Lynde 1802-1887 Unit ME, Boston reformer re. Mentally ill and prisons p.Ann Heath Publ. 1996, 2000 Dictionary Famous RE
Doege, Lisa lv. UU IN minister, historian Eleanor Gordon Publ.
Doolittle, Sarah Billings 1840-1927 Univ MA Supt. Of Sunday School, libraries, home for aged Publ. 2001 RE
Dotter, Mable Jenkins ?-1933 Univ IO, Mossouri minister h. Rev. Thomas Dotter Publ.
Douglas, Emily Taft 1899-1994 UU Chicago, D.C. actoress, IL League of Women Voters, Representative, writer Publ. Dictionary Famous
Dow, Ednah Parker Univ con d.Ednah Dow Cheney Publ.
Dowell, Cornelia Andrews Williams Univ IL, OH, CO minister Publ.
Downey, Jean lv. UU historian Emily Frances Fletcher Publ.
Downing, Antoinette Forrester 1904-2001 2003
Downing, Ruth 1898-? Univ NC minister/missionary in Japan Publ.
Doyle, Sarah 1830-1922 Unit Providence teacher, education of women, women’s organizations Publ. 1999
Draper, Anna Thwing 1814-1870 Unit MA Founder of Hopedale, MA Church Publ.
Druley, Harriet Evans Publ.
Dudley, Albertie S. Phillips 1869-1941 Univ ME, VT, QUE minister Publ.
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Lib.
Duncan, Sarah lv. UU historian Harriot Kezia Hunt Publ.
Duniway, Abigail Scott 1834-1915 Unit con OR writer, suffregist Publ.
Dunley, Harriet Farley Univ editor, mill girl Publ.
Dunlop, Marianne lv. UU con CA educator, historian Judith Sargent Murray Publ.
Dunn, Sarah Barns 1789-1858 Univ speaker f. Rev. Thomas Dunn; s. Lucy Barns Publ.
Durr, Virginia 1903-1999 UU AL Civil rights/Rosa Parks; Montgomery Unitarian Fellowship Publ.
Eagleheart, Carole Etzler lv. UU historian Publ.
Eagleheart, Carole Etzler Publ.
Earle, Augusta Gertrude 1864-1937 Univ MA, NH, ME teacher, minister, Sunday School Publ. RE
Earll, Lottie Irene 1865-1938 Univ NY, PA, CT minister Publ.
Eastman, Annis Bertha Ford 1852-1910 Unit NY minister Publ.
Eaton, Frances Lib.
Edgarton, Mehitable Univ d.Sarah Edgarton Publ.
Edgeworth, Maria 1767-1849 Unit England writer Publ.
Edington, Rose lv. UU historian Publ.
Edson, Katherine Philips 1870-1933 Unit suffragist, reformer Publ.
Edwards, Joanna Prince 1789-1859 Unit ME , MA SS Publ. 2001 RE
Edwards, June lv. UU educator, historian, writer Publ.
Edwards, June lv. UU historian Elizabeth Peabody Publ.
Eliot, Abigail 1892-? Unit early childhood education Publ. Dictionary Famous
Eliot, Charlotte Champe Sterns 1843-1929 Unit writer, welfare worker mo. T.S. Eliot Publ.
Eliot, George (Mary Ann Evans) 1819-1880 Unit con England writer Lib. Publ.
Eliot, Martha May 1891-1978 UU child psychologist, UUSC Publ. Famous
Elliott, Maud Howard 1854-1948 Unit writer d.of Julia Ward Howe Lib. Publ.
Ellis, Jennie Lois 1871-1929 Univ RI, WI, PA minister Publ.
Ellis, Sallie 1835-1885 Unit Post Office Mission (CLF) Publ. Dictionary Famous
Emerson, Alice B. Lib.
Emerson, Dorothy Mae lv. UU MA minister, historian, founder of Unitarian Universalist Women’s Heritage Society Lib. Publ.
Emerson, Ellen Tucker 1839-1909 Unit MA writer d. Ralph Lib. Publ.
Emerson, Lidian Jackson 1802-1892 Unit MA animal rights, abolitionist h. Ralph Publ.
Emerson, Mabel Univ writer Lib. Publ.
Emerson, Mary Moody 1774-1863 Unit MA writer a Ralph Publ.
Etz, Elizabeth 1900-1984 UU OH, MA, MI minister, DRE Publ. RE
Everton, Eliza May Drake Curtis 1867-1934 Univ IO, IL, NC, NY minister, YPCU, Women’s group f. Billings, Rachael Publ.
Eves, Cora M. >1906-<1927 Univ VT, MI minister Publ.
Ewing, Juliana Horatia Lib.