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Name Dates Unit., Univ., UU Geographic Information Contributions Connections Library UUWHS Publ. Calendar Web Bio RE
Ulrich, Helene 1890-1965 Univ Publ.
Underwood, Juliet 1909-2000 UU 2003
Van De Vort, Sarah Elizabeth 1838-1895 Univ MI political activist, Univ. SS Publ. RE
Van Tassel, Anna Belle Aldrich 1872-1951 U/U minister, educator Publ.
Varney, Maria Mecca Doughty 1898-1937> Univ IL minister Publ.
Veatch, Caroline 1870-1953 Unit NY Shelter Rock, philanthropist Famous
Vendig, Eleanor 1909-1995 UU NY Shelter Rock, UUAFC, UUA Council on Education, Veatch Foundation h. Malcolm Vendig Publ. 1997
Vincent, Audrey W. lv. UU minister Laura Matilda Towne Publ.
von Olnhausen, Mary Phinney 1818-1902 Unit MA Civil War nurse Publ.
von Petzoid, Gertrude 1876-1947? Unit England first recognized woman minister in England Publ.
Vosburgh, Frances E 1897-1989 UU NY physician, family planning 2002
Voss, Sarah Lib.
Waldo, Elmina R. Ballou 1810-1856 Univ hymnwriter Publ.
Walker, Mary Edwards 1832-1919 Unit NY physician, suffragist, writer Publ.
Walker-Riggs, Judith lv. UU England, US, Belgium minister, historian Anna Laetitia Barauld Publ.
Wallace, Mrs. M.M.R.M. Univ Missionary organizations Publ.
Ward, Julia Rush Cutler Unit con d. Julia Ward Howe Publ.
Ward, Mary Augusta 1851-1920 Unit England Manchester College, Oxford; writer Publ.
Ward, Mrs. Humphry Lib.
Ware, Mary Lovell Pickard 1798-1849 Unit Boston writer h. Rev. Henry Ware, Jr. Lib. Publ.
Warner, Emalea Pusey 1866?-<1928 Unit Wilmington, DE social activist, SPCA Publ.
Warren, Mercy Otis 1728-1814 Unit writer, historian Publ.
Waters, Yssabella Gertrude 1862?-<1925 Un National Organization of Public Health Nurses, writer Publ.
Waterston, Anna C.L. 1812-1899 Unit hymnwriter Publ.
Webber, Mary Trask Univ MA writer, poet f. Phebe Hanaford Publ.
Webster, Mary C.Ward Grannis 1825-? Univ CT poet h. F.A. Grannis; C.H. Webster Publ.
Weigel, Katherine 1459?-1539 Unit Poland martyr Publ.
Weil, Lizel Lib.
Weinstin, Victoria lv. UU MD minister, historian Publ.
Wells, Kate Gannett 1838-1911 Unit New England education activist, writer Publ. Famous
West, Rosalie Agnes 1893-1967 Univ Canada, SD, NC, MA minister Publ.
Weston, Anne 1812-? Unit abolitionist s. Maria Weston Chapman, Caroline, Deborah Dictionary Famous
Weston, Caroline 1808-? Unit abolitionist s. Maria Weston Chapman, Anne, Deborah Dictionary Famous
Weston, Deborah 1814-? Unit abolitionist s. Maria Weston Chapman, Caroline, Anne Dictionary Famous
White, Deborah Lib.
White, Eliza Orne 1856-1947 Unit MA novelist, children’s books Lib. Publ.
White, Mary Wilder Lib.
White, Poppy Cannon Unit NY journalist h. Walter White, NAACP Publ.
Whiting, Isabel Kimball Lib.
Whiting, Lilian 1847-1942 Unit Boston raised Unitarian, editor, essayist f. Kate Field Lib. Publ.
Whitney, Adeline Dutton Train 1824-1906 Unit writer Lib. Publ.
Whitney, Anne 1821-1915 Unit MA sculptor p. Abby Adeline Manning
Whitney, Lura Currier ?-1889 Univ NH library, mill girl, writer Publ.
Whitney, Mary Louise Traffarn 1852-1942 U/U IO, NY, MA minister, lecturer, editor h. Rev. Herbert Whitney Publ.
Whitney, Mary Watson 1847-1921 Unit con MA astronomer Publ.
Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith 1856-1923 Unit con Phila, west writer, educator f. E. Peabody, Channing, Emerson, Alcott, Howe Lib. Publ.
Wilder, Sarah lv. UU historian Anna Tilden Gannett Publ.
Wilkes, Eliza Tupper 1844-1917 U/U SD, IO, CA missionary, minister Publ.
Wilkinson, Catherine 1787-1860 Unit England social service Lib. Publ.
Willard, Emma Lib.
Willard, Frances Lib.
Williams, Alice Lib.
Williams, Fannie Barrier 1855-1944 Unit NY, Chicago African American, lecturer, social activist Publ. 2000 RE
Williams, Helen Maria 1762-1827 Unit England, France poet, revolutionary Publ.
Willis, Annie Bizzell Jordan 1893-1977 Univ VA African American, educator f. Rev. Joseph Fletcher Jordan Publ. 1997
Willis, Gwendolyn Brown Univ biographer of her mother d. of Olympia Brown Publ.
Wilson, Marilyn Carroll lv. UU MA psychologist, writer, historian Publ.
Winter, Alice Vivian Ames 1865-1944 Unit NY writer d. of Fannie Baker, Charles Gordon Aimes Lib. Publ.
Wollstonecraft, Mary 1759-1797 Unit England feminist writer m.of Shelley Lib. Publ. Dictionary Famous
Wood, Frances Wayland 1903-1975 UU MA, Detroit, Chicago DRE f. Sophia Fahs, Edna Bruner, Dorothy Spoerl Lib. Publ. 2002 Dictionary Famous RE
Woodman, Olivia Joel Carpenter 1847-1929 Univ NY minister, suffreagist, Grange Publ.
Woolley, Celia Parker 1848-1918 Unit IL advocate for African American women, writer Publ.
Woolley, Laura Univ d. Lucia Fidelia Wooley Gillette Publ.
Wright, Anna Lloyd Unit s. Frank; f. Augusta Jane Chapin Publ.
Wright, Billy Rose King 1922-1987 UU Mis, Alaska, AZ indigent people, writer, naturalist Lib. Publ.
Wright, Mabel Osgood 1859-1934 Unit naturalist, novelist Lib. Publ.
Young, Blanche ?-1930 Univ MI, CA minister Publ.
Young, Rose Unit con Marie Hoffendahl Jenny Howe Publ.
Zschokke, Anna Probst Unit CA founder Paulo Alto City, church Publ.