American Unitarian and Universalist Historical Scholarship (geography)

Geographical List by State or Region


City, place ID Author Title
Mobile 9146 Guy Woodall “A Note on Alexander Campbell and the Unitarians in Mobile and New Orleans,” Restoration Quarterly, 33 (1991): 159-169.


City, place ID Author Title
Berkeley 8121 Merv Hasselmann The First Unitarian Church of Berkeley: A History, [Berkeley, 1981].
Los Angeles 7732 Los Angeles, First Unitarian Church The First Hundred Years: A History of the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles, [Los Angeles, 1977].
Sacramento 7509 Rodney Cobb Authorized History, Unitarian Universalist Society, Sacramento, Pt. I, 1868-1915, [Sacramento, Cal., 1975].
Published by the Church.
Sacramento 7807 Rodney Cobb Authorized History, Unitarian Universalist Society, Sacramento, Part 2, [Sacramento, Cal., 1978].
Sacramento 7910 Rodney Cobb Authorized History Unitarian Universalist Society, Vol. 3 (1945-1950), [Sacramento, Cal., 1979].
Sacramento 8204 Rodney Cobb The House of a Thousand Windows: Building the New Church on Sierra Boulevard, [Sacramento, Cal., 1982].
Vol. 4 of the authorized history of the Unitarian Universalist Society, Sacramento.
San Diego 7340 San Diego, California 100th Anniversary Celebration, 1873-1973, [San Diego, Cal., 1973].
Published by the church.
San Francisco 5014 Clotilde Grunsky Taylor “Starr King Heads List: Subscribers to First Unitarian Society’s Building
Fund,” California Historical Society Quarterly, 29 (1950): 251-254.
San Francisco 5108 Harry Chamberlain Meserve “The First Unitarian Society in San Francisco, 1850 to 1950,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 9, Pt. 1 (1951): 24-44.


City, place ID Author Title
  7813 Philip Hewett Unitarians in Canada, Toronto, [1978].
  8320 Philip Hewett “The Uneven Dialogue: Relations Between Canadian and American Unitarians, 1832-1982,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society, Vol. 19, Pt. 2 (1983): 1-13.
  8922 Stefan M. Jonasson “Icelandic Unitarianism: A North American Tradition,” The World (UU), 3 (Mar./Apr. 1989): 12-15.


City, place ID Author Title
  4702 Frank Barnes “Nascent Unitarianism in Connecticut, 1800-1820.” Dissertation, Columbia University, 1947.
West Hartford 7135 Donald Watt From Heresy Toward Truth: The Story of Universalism in Greater Hartford and
, West Hartford, Conn., [1971].
Published by the Universalist Church of West Hartford.


City, place ID Author Title
  7015 George H. Gibson “Unitarian Congregations in Ante-Bellum Georgia,” Georgia Historical Quarterly, 54 (1970): 147-168.
Atlanta 7201 Louis D. Becker “Unitarianism in Post-War Atlanta, 1882-1908,” Georgia Historical Quarterly, 56 (1972): 349-364.
Atlanta 8233 Jo Graham Stern, ed. Unitarian Universalists in Atlanta: Centennial Issue 1882-1982, [Atlanta, 1982].
Six Atlanta-area congregations.
Atlanta 9219 Richard Wayne Lee “Unitarian Universalists: Organizational Dilemmas of the Cult of the Individual.” Dissertation, Emory University, 1992. DAI-A 93:11561.
Atlanta, Georgia.


City, place ID Author Title
  4814 Walter E. Stephens “A Sociological Study of Unitarianism in Illinois.” Dissertation, Meadville Theological School, , 1948.
Bloomington 7508 Bloomington, Illinois, Unitarian Church One Hundred Fifteen Years of Churchmanship: A History of Unitarianism in
, [Bloomington-Normal, Ill., 1975].
“By Members of the Parish.” Published by the Church.
Carbondale 7804 Carbondale, Illinois Fellowship: The First Twenty-Five Years of the First Unitarian Fellowship of
Carbondale, Illinois as Recalled by Some of Its Members
, [Carbondale, Ill.], 1978.
Chicago 7927 Jack Mendelsohn “Beyond Protection: Police Spying,” pp. 119-131, 154-155 in Peter I. Kaufman, and Spencer Lavan, eds., Alone Together, Boston, 1979.
Police surveillance of First Unitarian Church of Chicago and its minister.
Chicago 7936 Wallace P. Rusterholtz The First Unitarian Society of Chicago: A Brief History, [Chicago, 1979].
35 pp.
Chicago 7941 Frederick Swanson The Experience of Worship: Von Ogden Vogt’s First Unitarian Church of Chicago, [Chicago, 1979].
Chicago 9125 David A. Johnson Chicago Universalism, Brookline, Mass., 1991.
Urbana-Champaign 5926 Urbana-Champaign, Illinois The First Hundred Years of Religious Liberalism in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Ill., 1959.
Urbana-Champaign 8235 Urbana-Champaign, Illinois A History: The Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, Urbana, Ill., [1982].
By members of the congregation.


City, place ID Author Title
  7730 Spencer Lavan Unitarians and India: A Study in Encounter and Response, [Boston, 1977].
  7923 Spencer Lavan “Liberal Religion in India: The Keshub Sen Controversy,” pp. 77-78, 174-184 in Peter I. Kaufman, and Spencer Lavan, eds., Alone Together, Boston, 1979.


City, place ID Author Title
Allen County 8104 Michael T. Bieseda Evergreen: A History of the Universalist Church of Allen County, Indiana, [Ft. Wayne, Ind., 1981].


City, place ID Author Title
  4907 Charles E. Snyder “Unitarianism in Iowa,” The Palimpsest, 30 (1949): 345-376.
Des Moines 7740 Oval Quist First Unitarian Church, Des Moines, Iowa . . . A Brief History of It by Oval Quist, [Des Moines, 1977].
Published by the church.


City, place ID Author Title
  6411 Charles Richard Denton “The Unitarian Church and ‘Kanzas Territory’, 1854-1861,” Kansas Historical Quarterly, 30 (1964): 307-338, 455-491.


City, place ID Author Title
Louisville 6913 David A. Johnson “Beginnings of Universalism in Louisville,” Filson Club History Quarterly, 43 (1969): 173-183.


City, place ID Author Title
  5012 Carleton P. Small “Unitarianism in Maine,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 8, Pt. 2 (1950): 19-33.
  5316 [Harold C. Perham] The Maine Book on Universalism, [West Paris, Me.], 1953.
  5516 Lawrence Farnsworth Small “Unitarianism Down East: The Movement in Maine to 1900 with Its Colonial New England
Background.” Dissertation, Harvard University, 1955.
  7410 William B. Jordan, Jr. Episodes from the Unitarian Universalist Experience in Maine, [Portland, Me., 1974?].
Pamphlet in Andover-Harvard Library.
Ferry Beach 4815 Katharine Augusta Sutton, Robert Francis Needham Universalists at Ferry Beach: A History, Boston, 1948.
Kennebunk 5208 Melville C. Freeman “History of the First Congregational Parish Unitarian of Kennebunk,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 9, Pt. 2 (1952): 25-37.
Portland 7525 [William B. Jordon] The First Parish Church Unitarian Universalist, Portland, Me., [1975].
Portland, Me., church.
Westbrook 8336 John C. Winslow A History of the Universalist Church of Westbrook, Maine, [Westbrook, Me., 1983?].


City, place ID Author Title
Baltimore 6209 Rebecca Funk A Heritage to Hold in Fee, 1817-1917, Baltimore, 1962.
First Unitarian Church of Baltimore.


City, place ID Author Title
  6634 Richard Eddy Sykes “Massachusetts Unitarianism and Social Change: A Religious Social System in Transition,
1780-1870.” Dissertation, University of Minnesota, 1966. DA 68-01604.
  7042 Harold Field Worthly “An Inventory of the Records of the Particular (Congregational) Churches of
Massachusetts Gathered 1620-1805,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 16, Pts. 1 and 2 (1966-1969).
Jointly sponsored publication, appearing also as Harvard Theological Studies, Vol. 25.
  9303 Peter S. Field “The Crisis of the Standing Order: A History of Congregational Ministers In
Massachusetts, 1790-1833.” Dissertation, Columbia University, 1993. DAI-A 94: 12751.
Barnstable 7601 Scott Allen Our Heritage of Faith, Barnstable, Mass., [1976].
Pamphlet, Unitarian Church, Barnstable.
Bedford 7418 Ina Mansur A New England Church, 1730-1834, Freeport, Me., [1974].
Bedford, Mass.
Bedford 8028 Richard Holmes Communities in Transition: Bedford and Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1729-1850, [Ann Arbor, Mich., 1980?].
Sociological and demographic study with attention to both town and church.
Beverly 6702.1 Beverly, Massachusetts 300th Anniversary: A History, [Beverly, Mass., 1967].
First Parish Church, Unitarian, Beverly, Mass.
Beverly 8324 Robert W. Lovett “The Dual Careers of Rev. Edwin M. Stone,” Essex Institute Historical Collections, 119 (1983): 1-94.
Second Parish in Beverly, some of whose ministers were orthodox, others liberal.
Boston 5010 Lewis P. Simpson “‘The Intercommunity of the Learned’: Boston and Cambridge, in
1800,” New England Quarterly, 23 (1950): 491-503.
Boston 6114 Seymour Katz “The Unitarian Ministers of Boston, 1790-1860.” Dissertation, Harvard University, 1961.
Boston 6433 Evelyn Marie Walsh “Effects of the Revolution Upon the Town of Boston: Social, Economic, and Cultural.” Dissertation, Brown University, 1964. DA 65-2255.
2 vols.
Boston 7541 Robert Stanley Rich “Politics and Pedigrees: The Wealthy Men of Boston, 1798-1852.” Dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles, 1975. DA 75-25815.
Boston 7542 Peter T. Richardson “Boston Unitarianism: A Sesquicentennial Retrospect,” Unitarian Universalist Christian, 30 (1975): 5-18.
Boston 7902 E. Digby Baltzell Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia, New York, [1979].
Boston 8004 Peter Benes, ed. New England Meeting House and Church: 1630-1850, [Boston, 1980].
The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife: Annual Proceedings 1979.
References to Boston churches: First Church, Brattle Street, King’s Chapel, Hollis
Street, New South, Federal Street, West Church; also Cohasset.
Boston 9233 Conrad Wright “Ministers, Churches, and the Boston Elite, 1791-1815,” pp. 118-151 in Conrad Edick Wright, ed., Massachusetts and the New Nation, Boston, 1992.
Reprinted in Wright, The Unitarian Controversy (9427), pp.37-58.
Boston 9324 Howard M. Wach “Unitarian Philanthropy and Cultural Hegemony in Comparative Perspective: Manchester
and Boston, 1827-1848,” Journal of Social History, 26 (1993): 539-557.
Boston Brattle Square 7912 Frederic C. Detweiler “Thomas Dawes’s Church in Brattle Square,” Old-Time New England, Nos. 3-4 (Winter-Spring 1979): 1-17.
Architectural history.
Boston First Church 6120 Richard D. Pierce, ed. The Records of the First Church in Boston, Boston, 1961.
Volume 41 of the Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts.
Boston First Universalist 9119 Charles A. Howe “How Human an Enterprise: The Story of the First Universal Society in Boston During
John Murray’s Ministry,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society, Vol. 22, Pt. 1 (1990/91): 19-34.
Boston King’s Chapel 5004 Perry Miller The Transcendentalists: An Anthology, Cambridge, Mass., 1950.
Boston King’s Chapel 8010 Deborah A. Cozort, Nancy L. Kessner, Carl Scovel Guide to the Archives of King’s Chapel, 1686-1899, [Boston, 1980?].
Boston King’s Chapel 9319 Carl Scovel, Charles C. Forman Journey Toward Independence: King’s Chapel’s Transition to
, Boston, [1993].
1989 Minns Lecture.
Boston Second Church 6002 John Nicholls Booth The Story of the Second Church in Boston (The Original Old North), Boston, 1960.
Includes Booth’s implausible notion that Paul Revere had the lanterns hung in the
tower of the Second Church, not the steeple of Christ Church.
Boston West Church 7635 Nancy S. Voye “Asher Benjamin’s West Church: A Model for Change,” Old Time New England, 67 (1976): 7-15.
Bridgewater 7619 Dorothy L. Mann, Anne H. Bates The First Parish Unitarian Church, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, [Bridgewater, Mass., 1976].
“An accounting of its history as revealed by its records.”
Brookfield 5718 Leonard W. Levy The Law of the Commonwealth and Chief Justice Shaw, Cambridge, Mass., 1957.
The Unitarian Controversy, on the Brookfield Case, Ch. 3; “Satan’s
Apostle and Freedom of Conscience,” on Abner Kneeland, Ch.4.
Cambridge 8540 Elizabeth Woodman Wright “Recollections of the First Parish in 1905-1906,” Proceedings of the Cambridge Historical Society, 44(1985): 105-121.
Chestnut Hill 8603 Elmer Osgood Cappers History of the First Church in Chestnut Hill, Newton, Massachusetts, 1861-1986, Newton, Mass., 1986.
Published by the Church.
Concord 5804 Kenneth W. Cameron, ed. The Transcendentalists and Minerva, Hartford, Conn., 1958.
Kenneth W. Cameron, “Discoveries in George Moore’s Diary,” pp.
457-473; “The Library of George Ripley,” pp. 808-817; “Emerson and the
Unitarian Auxiliary” [Concord, Mass.], pp. 887-889; “Dr. Channing’s
Two Reading Lists,” pp. 1010-1022.
Concord 7131 Eric Parkman Smith The Church in Concord and Its Ministers, Concord, Mass., [1971?].
Pamphlet published by the Publications Committee of the First Parish in Concord, Mass.
Concord 7513 Mary R. Fenn Tales of an Old Church, Concord, Mass., 1975.
Published by the Women’s Parish Association, Concord.
Concord 8536 John Whittemore Teele, ed. The Meeting House on the Green: A History of the First Parish in Concord and Its
, Concord, Mass., 1985.
350th anniversary history by members of the church.
Concord 9229 John Wood Sweet “The Liberal Dilemma and the Demise of the Town Church: Ezra Ripley’s
Pastorate in Concord, 1778-1841,” Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 104 (1992): 73-109.
Dedham 7311 Stephen Robert Davis “From Plowshares to Spindles: Dedham, Massachusetts, 1790-1840.” Dissertation, University of Wisconsin, 1973. DA 74-9173.
Division of the churches one result of more heterogeneous society.
Dedham 8836 Conrad Wright “The Dedham Case Revisited,” Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 100 (1988): 14-39.
Reprinted in Conrad Wright, The Unitarian Controversy (9427), pp. 111-135.
Dorchester 8708 Wendell B. Cook “William Badlam, Ship Master of Boston and Some of His Descendants,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 141 (1987): 135-150.
Stephen Badlam (1751-1815) was deeply involved as a supporter of the evangelical John
Codman in the Dorchester controversy (1810-1812).
Framingham 5212 John McKinstry Merriam “The First Parish of Framingham, 1701 to 1951,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 9, Pt. 2 (1952):1-24.
Framingham 7627 Elizabeth Putch, Roger S. Norris, Charles A. Gaines A Brief History of the First Parish in Framingham, [Framingham, Mass., 1976].
Gloucester 4701 Alfred Mansfield Brooks “The First Parish in Gloucester, 1642-1942,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 8, Pt. 1 (1947): 37-43.
Hingham 6105 John Coolidge “Hingham Builds a Meetinghouse,” New England Quarterly, 34 (1961): 435-461.
Old Ship.
Hingham 8012 G. Harris Danzberger Meeting House Meanderings: Memorabilia Concerning Old Ship Meeting House in Hingham, Hingham, Mass., 1980.
Lancaster 7224 Alexander St.-Ivanyi The Bulfinch Church in Lancaster, Massachusetts, Lancaster, Mass., 1972.
Lancaster 8539 Thomas D. Wintle A New England Village Church: The First Church in Lancaster, Lancaster, Mass., 1985.
Pictorial history published by the church.
Medford 9001 Allison Brayton “History of the First Parish Church in the Town of Medford, Massachusetts from
1690-1850,” Typescript, [Medford, Mass., 1990].
Prepared for the 300th anniversary of the church.
Milton 5715 Edward Pierce Hamilton A History of Milton, Milton, Mass., 1957.
The Church, pp. 113-139.
Milton 7801 Carrie S. Allen Our Church: Its First Three Centuries, [Milton, Mass., 1978].
Cover title: The First Parish in Milton: 1678-1978. Essay written at an earlier date,
“updated by the Tercentenary Committee.”
Needham 6115 James W. Macdonald The First Church and Parish in Needham, 1711-1961, Needham, Mass., [1961].
New Bedford 8115 Len Gougeon “Emerson and the New Bedford Affair,” pp. 257-264 in Joel Myerson, ed., Studies in the American Renaissance, 1981, Boston, [1981].
New Bedford 8226 New Bedford First Church Inventory of the First Unitarian Church Records in the Old Dartmouth Historical
Society Whaling Museum Library
, [New Bedford], 1982.
New Bedford 8923 Richard A. Kellaway Character, Quality, Service: Enduring Commitments—Changing Forms, n.p., [1989?].
First Unitarian Church, New Bedford, Mass., 1959-1989.
New Salem 7518 Mark W. Harris “Liberal Religion in Western Massachusetts: The First Church of New Salem, 1750-1850.” M.A. Thesis, University of New Hampshire, 1975.
Copy in Andover-Harvard Library.
New Salem 8120 Mark W. Harris Among the Dry Bones: Liberal Religion in New Salem, Massachusetts, [n.p., 1981].
Published under the auspices of the Historical Information Project, UUA Connecticut Valley
Newburyport 4703 Frank Chouteau Brown “The Spire of the First Religious Society in Newburyport, Massachusetts,” Old-Time New England, 38 (1947): 27-32.
North Andover 7533 Juliet Haines Mofford The History of North Parish Church of North Andover, North Andover, Mass., 1975.
Northampton 4713 Alice Eaton McBee, 2nd From Utopia to Florence: The Story of a Transcendentalist Community in Northampton,
Mass., 1830-1852
, Northampton, 1947.
Vol. 32 of Smith College Studies in History. William Adam was involved in this
enterprise; its leaders had some contact with Brook Farm.
Northampton 7530 Edward M. Lawton, Jr. The Sesquicentennial History of the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence, [Northampton, 1975].
Put out by the church; copy in Andover-Harvard Library.
Northampton 8943 Conrad Wright “Unitarian Beginnings in Western Massachusetts,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society, Vol. 21, Pt. 2 (1989): 27-40.
Reprinted in Conrad Wright, The Unitarian Controversy (9427), pp. 137-154.
Plymouth 7137 Harold Field Worthley “Doctrinal Divisions in the Church of Christ at Plymouth, 1744-1801,” pp. 101-112 in L.D. Geller, ed., They Knew They Were Pilgrims, New York, [1971].
Reading 8330 Reading, Massachusetts Membership Records 1857-1983: Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading, Massachusetts, [Reading, Mass., 1983?].
Rumney Marsh (Chelsea, Revere) 8716 Robert Forrey “The Meeting House at Rumney Marsh,” Essex Institute Historical Collections, 123 (1987): 88-102.
Rumney Marsh (North Chelsea, now Revere), Joseph Tuckerman’s church.
Salem 7426 Richard D. Pierce, ed. The Records of the First Church in Salem, Massachusetts, 1629-1736, Salem, Mass., 1974.
Salem 8044 Alfred Rosa Transcendentalism, and Hawthorne, Rutherford, N.J., [1980].
South Hingham 8043 Donald F. Robinson Two Hundred Years in South Hingham, 1746-1946: The Story of a Church and a Community, Hingham, Mass., 1980.
Worcester 8519 Walter Donald Kring The Fruits of Our Labors: The Bicentennial History of the Second Parish in the Town of
Worcester, The First Unitarian Church, 1785-1985
, [Worcester, Mass.], 1985.
Worcester County 7122 James Eugene Mooney “Antislavery in Worcester County, Massachusetts: A Case Study.” Dissertation, Clark University, 1971. DA 72-3339.
T.W. Higginson, Adin Ballou, S. May, Jr.


City, place ID Author Title
Lansing 7347 Jerry Thornton Ideas Have Consequences: 125 Years of the Liberal Tradition in the Lansing Area, [Lansing, Mich., 1973].


City, place ID Author Title
  8608 David B. Eller “The Pietist Origins of Sectarian Universalism in the Midwest,” Old Northwest, 12 (Spring 1986): 41-64.


City, place ID Author Title
St. Paul 7219 Elinor Sommers Otto The Story of Unity Church, 1872-1972, St. Paul, Minn., 1972.
Printed by the church; copy in Andover-Harvard Library.


City, place ID Author Title
Lincoln 4809 George F. Newbrough “Reason and Understanding in the Works of Theodore Parker,” South Atlantic Quarterly, 47 (1948): 64-75.

New England

City, place ID Author Title
  7741 Richard Isaac Rabinowitz “Soul, Character, and Personality: The Transformation of Personal Religious Experience
in New England, 1790-1800.” Dissertation, Harvard University, 1977.
  8219 Stephen A. Marini Radical Sects of Revolutionary New England, Cambridge, Mass., 1982.
Universalists one of three sects treated.

New Hampshire

City, place ID Author Title
  5927 Clinton Lee Scott “Universalism in New Hampshire,” Journal of the Universalist Historical Society, 1 (1959): 1-10.
  6312 A. Irene McGlenen 100 Years of the New Hampshire Unitarian Association, n.p., [1963?].
Dover 8404 William Copeley “Church Records at the New Hampshire Historical Society,” Historical New Hampshire, 39 (1984): 152-159.
8 Universalist and 2 Unitarian churches, esp. Concord and Dover.
Keene 9521 James C. Smart The Keene Unitarian Universalist Church: The Building and Its People, West Kennebunk, Me., [1995].
Keene, N.H.
Nashua 7833 Donald W. Rowley History of the First Unitarian Congregational Society and of the Unitarian
Universalist Church of Nashua
, [Nashua, N.H., 1978].

New Jersey

City, place ID Author Title
Monmouth County 7553 Paul Thead Unity and Diversity: Historical Highlights and Essays (1957-1975), Lincroft, N.J., [1975].
First Unitarian Church of Monmouth County.
Plainfield 6425 Plainfield, New Jersey The First 75 Years: 1889-1964, Plainfield, N.J., 1964.

New York

City, place ID Author Title
Albany 9411 Eva H. Gemmill, ed. First Unitarian Society of Albany, 1842-1992, Albany, N.Y., 1994.
Barneveld 6309 Harry F. Jackson Scholar in the Wilderness: Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, Syracuse, New York, 1963.
Barneveld, New York, church.
Brooklyn 8720 Olive Hoogenboom The First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn: One Hundred Fifty Years, [Brooklyn, N.Y., 1987].
Published by the church.
Buffalo 8215 Charles P. Jamieson Heritage of Heresy: A History of the First 150 Years of the Unitarian Universalist
Church in Buffalo
, Kenmore, N.Y., 1982.
Canton 7607 Max Coots Ministers of the Church, 1825-1976, Canton, N.Y., [1976].
Unitarian Universalist Church (First Universalist Society), Canton.
Hastings-on-Hudson 8140 Ruth P. Russell, Ruth Nussendorfer History of the First Unitarian Church of Westchester, Hastings-on-Hudson, [1981].
125th anniversary, 1856-1981.
Ithaca 6519 Lawrence I. Grinnell A Century of Unitarian History in Ithaca, 1865-1965, Ithaca, N.Y., 1965.
Middletown 9515 Charles L. Radzinsky Anatomy of a Liberal Church, 1894-1994, Middletown, N.Y., [1995].
Unitarian Universalist Church, Middletown, N.Y.
New York 7412 Walter Donald Kring Liberals Among the Orthodox: Unitarian Beginnings in New York City, 1819-1839, Boston, [1974].
New York 9129 Walter Donald Kring Safely Onward, New York, [1991].
Volume 3 of his history of the Unitarian Church of All Souls, New York City, covering the
years 1881-1978.
Plandome 8436 Gerald F. Weary A Memorial to Caroline E. Veatch and the History of the Veatch Royalties of the North
Shore Unitarian Society
, Plandome, N.Y., [1984].
Rochester 8327 Mark Morrison-Reed, H. Keith Stott, Roland Bramlet Reaching for the Infinite, [Rochester, N.Y., 1983].
First Universalist Church, Rochester, N.Y.
Southold 8538 Joella Vreeland The Southold Sisterhood—Sociables and Serious Business: The Story of the
Ladies Liberal Sewing Society, The First Universalist Church of Southold, New York, 1845
, n.p., [1985].
Southold 8832 Joella Vreeland This is the Church: The Story of a Church, a Community, and a Denomination, Mattituck, N.Y., 1988.
First Universalist Church, Southold, N.Y.
Syracuse 8817 Jean M. Hoefer, Irene Baros-Johnson May No One Be A Stranger: 150 Years of Unitarian Presence in Syracuse, Syracuse, N.Y., 1988.

North Carolina

City, place ID Author Title
  6826 John Enoch Williams A History of Universalism in North Carolina, n.p., 1968.
Publication of the Universalist Convention of North Carolina.
  7935 Donald K. Routh The Story of the Eno River Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, [Iowa City, Iowa, 1979].
Eno River, N.C..


City, place ID Author Title
Cincinnati 6431 Louis L. Tucker “The Semi-Colon Club of Cincinnati,” Ohio History, 73 (1964): 13-26, 57-58.
Cincinnati 7317 David A. Johnson To Preach and Fight, Tucson, Ariz., 1973.
Universalism in Cincinnati, 1800-49.
Cincinnati 9310 Walter P. Herz “Influence Transcending Mere Numbers: The Unitarians in Nineteenth Century
Cincinnati,” Queen City Heritage, 51 (Winter 1993): 3-22.
Cleveland 6704 Cleveland, Ohio A Century of Unitarianism in Cleveland, [Cleveland, Ohio, 1967].
First Unitarian Church, Cleveland, Ohio.
Cleveland 7843 Roy P. Walther A History of the West Shore Unitarian Church 1945 to 1965, [Cleveland, Ohio, 1978].
Cleveland, Ohio; pamphlet.
Dayton 9315 Miami Valley Unitarian Fellowship UU Odyssey: History of the Miami Valley Unitarian Fellowship, Oakwood, Ohio, [1993].
Dayton, OH.

Ohio Valley

City, place ID Author Title
  7328 Elizabeth R. McKinsey The Western Experiment: New England Transcendentalism in the Ohio Valley, Cambridge, Mass., 1973.
Clarke, Cranch, W.H. Channing.


City, place ID Author Title
Oklahoma City 9116 Robert C. Hardy One Hundred Years of Upstart Unitarianism in the Bible Belt: An Oral History of the
First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City
, n.p., [1991].
Tulsa 7113 Hope Holway History of All Souls Church of Tulsa, [Tulsa, 1971].
Printed for the church.


City, place ID Author Title
  8021 Louise Foulds Universalists in Ontario, [Toronto, 1980].
Bloomfield 9312 A.G.W. Lamont David Leavitt, His Relationships, and the Bloomfield Universalists, Picton, Ontario, 1993.
Largely genealogical, but with some information on the Bloomfield Universalist church.


City, place ID Author Title
Oregon City 6901 Horace Lyman Bachelder The Liberal Church at the End of the Oregon Trail, [Portland, Ore., 1969].
First Congregational Society of Oregon City; published by the church.
Portland 6635 Earl Morse Wilbur, Evadne Hilands A Time to Build: The First Unitarian Society of Portland, Oregon, 1866-1966, [Portland, Ore.], 1966.
Earlier publication by Dr. Wilbur brought up to date; published by the church.

Pacific Coast

City, place ID Author Title
  5709 Arnold Crompton Unitarianism on the Pacific Coast: The First Sixty Years, Boston, 1957.


City, place ID Author Title
Philadelphia 5309 Frederick R. Griffin 1917-1947: An Era in the History of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, [Philadelphia], 1953.
Philadelphia 5807 Elizabeth M. Geffen “Philadelphia Unitarianism (1796-1861).” Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1958. DA 58-1842.
Philadelphia 6109 Elizabeth M. Geffen Philadelphia Unitarianism 1796-1861, Philadelphia, 1961.
Pittsburgh 6125 George Swetnam, John Lofton, William M. Schutte, Donald M. Goodfellow Pittsburgh’s First Unitarian Church, Pittsburgh, 1961.


City, place ID Author Title
Huntingsville 8131 Elizabeth Hearn Milner Huntingville 1815-1980: A Story of a Village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Quebec, 1981.
“Universalism in Huntingville,” pp. 89-148.

Rhode Island

City, place ID Author Title
Providence 8426 Helen Calder Robertson Three Historical Papers Written for the First Unitarian Church of Providence, Providence, 1984.
Providence 9137 Providence, Rhode Island The First Unitarian Church of Providence: Thirty Years, 1957-1987, n.p., [1991?].
Prepared by the History Committee of the Church.
Providence 9138.1 Mark Saunders Scartz “Piety in Providence: The Class Dimensions of Religious Expression in Providence, Rhode
Island, 1790-1880.” Dissertation, Emory University, 1991. DAI-A 52/04: 1493.
Universalism one of the “plebian” religions covered.


City, place ID Author Title
Saskatoon 8101 Pat Adams, Gail McConnell, et al. History of the Unitarian Fellowship of Saskatoon, 1955-81, Saskatoon, [1981].

South Carolina

City, place ID Author Title
Charleston 7004 Elias B. Bull “Founders and Pew Members of the Unitarian Church of Charleston, S.C., 1817-1874,” [Charleston, S.C., 1970].
Mimeograph. Pamphlet published by the church; copy in Andover-Harvard Library.

Southern U.S.

City, place ID Author Title
  5917 George H. Gibson “Unitarian Congregations in the Ante-Bellum South,” Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 12, Pt. 2 (1959): 53-78.
  6421 G. Wayman McCarty “A History of the Universalist Church in the Mid-South.” Dissertation, State College, Mississippi, 1964.
  7009 Earl Wallace Cory, Jr. “The Unitarians and Universalists of the Southeastern United States During the
Nineteenth Century.” Dissertation, University of Georgia, 1970. DA 71-13038.
  7747 Daniel Edward Slagle “A National Insight: Unitarianism as an Alternative in the Ante-Bellum South.” Dissertation, Auburn University, 1977.


City, place ID Author Title
  7921 Ida Metz Hyland Unitarian-Universalism in East Tennessee, Johnson City, Tenn., 1979.


City, place ID Author Title
Dallas 7313 Wayne Gard Unitarianism in Dallas, Dallas, 1973.
Outline history of the First Unitarian Church, 1899-1968; published by the church.


City, place ID Author Title
Salt Lake City 6613 Irma Watson Hance, Virginia Hendrickson Picht In Commemoration of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the First
Unitarian Church, Salt Lake City, Utah
, [Salt Lake City], 1966.
Pamphlet prepared by members of the church.
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