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Online UU History Chat
Join our electronic discussion list at http://lists.uua.org/mailman/listinfo/uuhs-chat to participate in an eclectic, ever-changing conversation about UU history, ideas, and contemporary issues. Diggitt McLaughlin and Pete Guest serve as moderators, and participants are based all over the Un..
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2013 History & Heritage Prize Winners
The Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society is delighted to announce the winners of the 2013 history and heritage prizes. The inaugural winner of our Congregational History prize is Richard M. Stower, for A History of the First Parish Church of Scituate, Massachusetts. This is a rema..
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UU History and Heritage Prizes 2014
UU History and Heritage Prizes 2014 Seminarian History Prize — $400 awarded in 2014 The Seminarian History prize will be awarded for the best research essay on Unitarian Universalist history. Essays should be approximately 15-25 pages in length, and they must draw on primary sourc..
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