Faithify Campaign

Conrad Wright Lecture – Faithify Campaign

The Conrad Wright Lecture was inaugurated in 2008 to honor the scholarship and
influence of one of the most important historians of our liberal religious tradition. As
Professor at Harvard Divinity School for decades and the author of innumerable books,
papers and articles, Dr. Wright contributed significantly to the understanding of our history
and heritage. Honoring Conrad Wright’s work, the lecture encourages us to move further
and deeper into our understanding of our own history and heritage, just as he did in his

Through the Faithify campaign, we offer a chance for others who believe with us that
knowledge of our past helps us navigate present challenges to be part of this effort. The
fund has a goal of $20,000.  Through Novemeber 2018, about $12,000 has been raised
from members of the UUHHS Board and others close to the society. We ask for your contribution
to this campaign, helping UUHHS to make significant historical scholarship available to all
Unitarian Universalists. Donations may be sent through: .

The Conrad Wright Lecture provides a chance for UU religious professionals and lay leaders
to hear from scholars whose work illuminates our history and sheds light on today’s challenges.

The UUHHS Board has established an endowment to offset the program’s necessary expenses,
such as honorarium, travel, lodging and General Assembly fees for the presenter. Income from the
fund will allow us to continue revisiting the complexities of our history as new movements call us to live our
values more completely.