250th Anniversary – Universalism in America

You are invited to register for a virtual continent-wide celebration of the 250 years of Universalism and its impact now and for the future.   The online sestercentennial celebration will be held October 2 – 4, 2020.   Register Now

Sponsored by the Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, there will be a rich array of programs, talks, workshops and entertainment for registrants to enjoy.  Thomas Potter and John Murray re-enactors will engage you in the story of their meeting;  Judith Sargent and John Murray’s love story will be played out in “Love Notes;” story tellers will enchant with “21st Century Expressions of Universalism.”  

There will be an online Heritage Hunt and dances by The Core of Fire.  We will even dedicate the representation of the Hand in Hand (in construction right now) that brought Universalism to our shores. (When it is safe we hope your families will come enjoy and climb on it.)  You are specifically invited to join us for a grand toast to Universalism’s Sestercentennial on Friday evening.  Registration for individuals for the entire weekend is open:   Register NOW

Sunday’s service, which could be your congregation’s service on October 4th, will be led by Rev. Justin Schroeder, senior co-minister of the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis and projected continentally by Zoom and YouTube.  

You can also celebrate this significant anniversary all year!  To aid you in discovery, a Universalism Toolkit has been created. This resource provides stories, bios, readings, music, dramas, sermons and much more.  Follow the link and enjoy the journey.

The 250th anniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  A sculpture is being commissioned to commemorate all Sestercentennial Donors of $250 or more by December 31, 2020.  We invite you to make a special donation and to be honored this way.


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