Unitarian Universalist Studies Network

Come Join Us for the Birth of the Unitarian Universalist Studies Network

UU Studies Network LogoFor the past year, leaders of the UU History and Heritage Society and Collegium have been working to unite our organizations into a single network for all the people who cherish the study of Unitarian Universalism, including UU histories, theologies, ethics, ministries, and more. We plan to make it official on Saturday, August 14, and invite all UUHHS members to participate in the event.

The annual meetings of UUHHS and Collegium will occur jointly from 4-5:30 pm ET on August 14, 2021. We will complete our membership vote authorizing the merger, and then hear reports on the various activities to be undertaken by the unified organization. This meeting will take place on Zoom at https://harvard.zoom.us/j/91519782419?pwd=b3BWTXNmRlY4M0I5WCswVkFKcjFaUT09

Vote Here

All of this must, of course, be approved by our membership, so prior to August 14 UUHHS members are invited to cast a vote. Because UUHHS is a legally incorporated charity and Collegium is not, we decided that the most efficient way to achieve the merger would be to amend the name and bylaws of the UUHHS. Bylaw changes require a vote of the UUHHS membership, and thus we have prepared an electronic ballot. Please note that it is not a secret ballot, and that voting will close 15 minutes after the annual membership meeting, at 4:15 pm ET on August 14.

To get a fuller picture of the new UU Studies Network, please see our temporary website. To help inform your voting, we have posted both the UUHHS and the UU Studies Network bylaws.

Continuing Membership

Finally, please know that if you have a current UUHHS membership, it will carry over to the UU Studies Network. If you are due for a renewal, please go ahead and renew on the Join page of the UUHHS website.


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